What a journey the last 6 months have been! Here I am 6 months ago in October 2018...at my heaviest (I barely recognise myself!) and now, 6 months on 14kg lighter and so much happier!

Back then, I was feeling tired all the time, sluggish, and my eczema was flaring up. I was sick of being told by doctors ‘keep using the cream it will all go away’. After 6-9 months and no improvement, it was time to do something different, which is when I got in touch with Lesa, from Artemisia Natural Heath Centre. I started the journey to health with Lesa introducing me to the Shake It program and how eating well and making some lifestyle changes, would improve my symptoms and my wellbeing.

As the weeks passed, my energy increased, my eczema improved and bonus, the scales got lighter! I have changed my eating habits and am very conscious of what I feed my body due to a number of food allergies and intolerances. I see this as a permanent lifestyle change. I still have a little way to go to get to my goal weight, but am definitely on the way, taking it one day at a time.

Massive shout out to Lesa and my friends and family for supporting me on this journey!
— Kate Hollands, Melbourne Australia

My mother-in-law has been seeing Lesa for the past five and a half years for Naturopathy, BodyTalk, Reflexology and Reiki. After a colonoscopy this week she was showing no signs of Colitis for the 1st time in 30 years!
She can’t speak highly enough of Lesa.
— Christel Meaney, Gold Coast Australia

This is a well deserved plug for one amazing, gifted and deeply caring natural therapist.
I love all forms of energy medicine, including REIKI, Theta, Touch for Health, Kinesiology, to name just a few.

My first experience with Body Talk was very interesting!

Lesa Rusher works from Griffith, ACT as well as close to Braidwood. Lesa picked up a critical time in my life I thought I had forgotten... well, pushed unter the carpet. “What happened at age 36?”, Lesa asked.
Pow!!!! I will spare you the details.
— Brigitte Funke, Bungendore Australia